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Original Casablanca Poster [image]
[Photo: Original "Casablanca" movie poster from 1942.]

During World War II, Europeans that fled from the Germans sought refuge in America, but in order to get there they would first have to stop in the north African country of Casablanca. To leave the country, the refugees would need travel visas, which were rarely granted to those who asked. Casablanca's neutral war stance allowed the refugees to stay and wait. The hottest club in Casablanca is Rick's Cafe, owned by Rick Blaine, an American expatriate who cannot return home.

When two German couriers are killed, one of Rick's regulars, Ugarte, snatches their letters of transit, which allows the holders to travel anywhere unquestioned. He entrusts the documents to Rick until he can find a seller. Captain Renault, the Chief of Police, who is neutral in his political views, informs Rick that Victor Laszlo, the European Resistance leader, is in Casablanca and will do anything to get an exit visa. Renault has been instructed by Major Strasser of the Gestapo, to keep Laszlo in Casablanca.

Huphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman [image]
[Photo: A film still from the final scene in "Casablanca".]

Laszlo goes to the cafe to meet Ugarte to purchase the letters of transit, but Ugarte is arrested before they arrive. Accompanying him is Ilsa Lund, who knew Rick when he lived in Paris. Seeing her opens some of Rick's old wounds reopen. A flashback shows Ilsa has broken her promise to leave Paris with Rick before the Germans invaded. When Rick sees her again in the cafe, he turns cold and cynical towards her. When Victor and Ilsa learn that Rick has the letters, he refuses to give them to him. After a secret meeting, a staged hostage situation, and a murder of Major Strasser, Rick has a change of heart sending Victor and Ilsa on a plane to America.


Fantasia sequence [image]
[Photo: Scene from The Great Movie Ride.]

In the scene of the Great Movie Ride, Rick is talking to Ilsa in one of the most quoted dialogs in movie history. Victor sits in the plane while Rick fondly remembers his time with Elsa and wishes her the best in the future. The plane's engines roar as the foggy air strip glows in the night.

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